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Back in early March, right before all of this COVID-19 craziness ensued, Ashley and Alex had scheduled me to photograph their maternity session! They arrived, beautiful in blue, as they were expecting a baby boy. They live in Florence and I am based out of Charleston, so we tried to find a location that was about midway for all of us. After doing some reseach, we came across a location called Mepkin Abbey and it turned out to be the perfect spot!

This was the first time for all of us exploring these luscious grounds. To no exaggeration, every corner we turned, we were absolutely amazed by this place! While exploring, Ashley spotted a small red cardinal near us - right off of the pathway we were walking. Red cardinals are very rare to come by. She told me they always appear in her life when something significant is happening and she believes, and it is believed by many, that the red cardinal is a sign of a deceased loved one letting them know they are there with them in spirit. This gave me goosebumps and brought a huge smile to my face because I knew how special this was to her.

Ashley is a very sweet and down to earth person. I am so grateful to have met her about a year ago through a mutual friend. Just the day after we first met, she offered to wake up at the crack of dawn to model for me. I had bought some new photography equipment and needed to play with it. I was surprised by her willingness to help when, at the time, we hardly knew each other. But this is Ashley through and through; she is selfless and always thinking of others before herself and because of this, I know she is going to make an amazing mother!

Their baby boy, Addison, was successfully delivered a few short weeks ago. With everything going on with COVID-19, I have not been able to meet the little guy yet. But I am excited to hopefully meet him soon!

I am also super excited to document their wedding day in September! Even though they got married last year they decided on doing a bigger ceremony this fall. I know it is going to be absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to be apart of it!

Ashley and Alex also brought along their sweet fur baby, Belle, to the session! It is so funny, but I am a parent to a little fluff-ball, bichon frisé as well. These dogs have huge personalities - you feel like you are with another human most of the time, haha!

We all met for pizza before the shoot and Belle was incredibly well mannered at the table. I have to admit my bichon may be super cute like Belle, but she would of been whimpering and pouting every second that went by and something gooey and cheesy was not in her mouth!

I am looking forward to following Ashley and Alex's journey through life. I know they both have many amazing blessings coming their way and I am honored to be called their friend!

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