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Historic Downtown Charleston Engagement | Anna + Austin

These two cuties drove all the way down from NC for a sunrise engagement session in Charleston, Sc - talk about dedication! Anna comes from a background in photography. She used to photograph weddings, too. Now, she is a practicing nurse and Austin works for a power company and on the weekends, fishes professionally offshore. So, as you can see, they are both very busy bees!

Anna and Austen met online. But they did not meet on a dating app (like most people do, nowadays). They actually met on facebook! Which I feel like is rare. I feel like before dating apps, personally I would get asked out more through facebook. But once those appeared, all of my facebook inquiries fizzled out...so, I guess you could say these two are old school in that way, haha.

Throughout their session - I thoroughly enjoyed their light hearted spirit and attitude. They felt like home, if that makes sense? They were just so fun, laid back, and down to earth. I wanted to spend all day with them and I almost did since we lost their car keys midway through their session! We ran around downtown for about 30 minutes, retracing our steps. And poor Anna had to make the hunt barefoot because she was wearing her nice heels for the engagement session.

We made stops at each location - searching for their keys. Growing more and more anxious since they were not making an appearance. And then, all of a sudden, Anna pulls them out from her dress! And we all laughed, realizing she had them on her the entire time we were running around like fools!

It was early and we hadn't had our coffee yet though - so can you really blame us? lol

Here are few of my favs from their morning engagement.

There a so many good ones from this session. I wish I could share them all! Ah, and I am so eager for their wedding in June!! <3 It is going to be in beautiful Wilmington, Nc and it is going to be amazing!


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