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Meet Samantha and Will. These two sweethearts both live in Georgia and they will be getting married in Savannah this summer! Will is originally from Atlanta and Samantha is originally from Miami. And they met in Atlanta at the Virginia Highlands Art Festival!

At the event, Will was working a tent for a home remodeling company. And Samantha was there as well, except she wasn't working the event. She was there enjoying the art festival and specifically, with a margarita in hand (as any smart person would be doing lol)

Through the crowds, Will noticed the lovely Samantha (and I mean how could you not!). He approached her by trying to pitch her, but we all really know what he was up to Xo

Samantha then asked Will if he would like a sip of her drink and as she puts it "at that point, he either realized I was extremely trusting or just crazy". But I bet you, Will was probably so head over heels already that all he was thinking was "oh yes please!" haha

They ended up talking in the middle of the art festival for over an hour (clearly there was instant attraction and chemistry) and then decided to meet back up later that evening at the Virginia Highland Bars. They had a few drinks and ended the date singing the night away with some good ole late night karaoke!

Samantha and Will are currently in a long distance relationship as Will lives in Atlanta and Samantha lives in Savannah. But this spring, after Samantha graduates from school, she will be moving to Atlanta to live with Will!

These two were absolute gems to work with. They were up for it all that day! And as a photographer, working with clients who are happy to take as many photos as you want, is a dream! Samantha also brought along tennis shoes for the shoot so she didn't have a limit on how far she could walk (which is a very smart move, ladies, and one I highly encourage!)

Thank you so much again guys for choosing me to be a part of some of the most precious memories of your life! I am beyond excited for your wedding in July!!

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