"I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far-fling hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams"

Matt Smith - Doctor Who

Hey Guys!

You know those people in your life you often "hear" before you "see"? Yup, I would be one of them! And I guess everyone can thank my opera lungs for its obnoxious reverb. Oh yes, I am an artist absolutely through and through - I sing opera professionally and I have been taking vocal lessons since the age of 12. Oddly enough, that is also the age I received my first DSLR/professional camera as a birthday gift. I quickly discovered I had a huge passion for capturing the moment. I would often follow my sister around our horse farm and annoy her *cough cough* I mean, take pictures of her while she worked and I played. I have since, of course, advanced to taking pictures of more than just beautiful live-stock and my sister (even though it was a lot of fun, especially because it got me out of mucking any stalls). I have expanded my skills to weddings, events, portraits, and real estate photography. I truly find joy in taking photos for all medias, but I do have a special passion when specifically working with people. I love making a fool out of myself for my clients behind the camera so they feel comfortable and those laughing photos are truly genuine.

Don't Judge Me But...

I'm a Dog Lady for Life!

You have met me, now you get to meet my better half - Miss Sophie Bear. She is the sweetest Bichon Frisée that has ever lived. I am thoroughly convinced (not that I am bias or anything, lol)! She has a huge personality and will eat anything that resembles food. Which is about anything and everything! And she is always hungry. Her favorite food though - of all things - is toast.

Oh, and I also really really

LOVE  Pizza!

So much so that I actually moved over 2,000 miles away to help manage a chain of gourmet pizza restaurants in Tucson, Arizona (last year). As you can imagine I was in a pizza lover's paradise - surrounded by lovely, delicious pizza smells! And not only did I get to smell the pizzas, but I got to eat a lot of them too! And at one point, I even started to cultivate new recipes for the pizza chain. Part of my job, as well, was to help manage the social media accounts and boosts the stores' foot-traffic. I did this, partly of course, by taking yummy, scrumptious photos of the pizzas and food. It is a mystery to this day how my taste buds still crave for pizza, but I wouldn't take any of it back (except, perhaps, the 10 lbs I gained from pizza paradise! haha)

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